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Welcome to the GSM News & Events blog. Upcoming events will be posted here, as well as relevant school information for those interested in GSM’s bilingual program.

Was ist eine Schultüte?

The Schultüte (school cone) is a German tradition. On the first day of elementary school (in Germany that means entering first grade), students receive this special present -usually from their parents. It will then be part of your “first day of school picture” and forever be remembered. It’s a long cone that is filled with goodies and closed with a bow on top, also known to some as “Zuckertüte” (yes, that translates to sugar bag…). GSM has adapted this tradition and each student receives a Schultüte from their teacher on the first day. Since elementary school starts with Kindergarten in the US, we have tweaked the tradition a tiny bit, so that no matter what year you are joining GSM you will receive your very own “Schultüte”.

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Latest Update regarding school re-open & GSM Preschool

1st day of school is September 9th 2021

GSM has a pre-school! Virtual info sessions bookable now!

Now you can start our bilingual program even earlier! Open to all!

Social City is coming to GSM

Social City is a social skills program for students ages 2 - 20 years old, who would benefit from supplemental social and emotional support.

Educational Highlight: Getting “up close and personal” with DNA

Naiyiri-Blu Brooker, B.S Biology, returns to GSM for a very special workshop

GSM Education Blog: FRESCH Thinking

2nd Grade Class Teacher Lara Winnesberg provides an introduction to the German Spelling Curriculum

GSM Education Blog: Black History Heroes

Portraits Inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Artistry (Kindergarten)

Summer Camps are bookable now!

We are so happy that GSM summer camps are back!

GSM Education Blog: Spotlight on SEL (Socio Emotional Learning) & Art in Kindergarten

Child Size Problems Vs. Grown Up Size Problems by Sydney Rivera & Maresa Carney

GSM is open!

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade in session as of September 8th