Afterschool Care

22/23 Afterschool Care

Registration for the 2nd Semester is now open: You can sign up using this link. (Scroll down for instructions if you are new to Brightwheel)

2nd Semester Sign Up

2nd Semester dates: 2/6/23-6/23/23

For the 22/23 School Year GSM is expanding its programing to offer more grade specific options! Unless otherwise stated, After School is for the Lower School Grades 1-4. Preschool Hort is the extended day offer for our younger students ages 3 to 5. Each afternoon offers plenty of time for free play as well as guided discovery with a different theme each day. There are some exceptions so please check the grade specifications for each program. You can always write to us if you have any questions. 

After School and Preschool Hort are open to non-GSM students as well, except for Wednesdays Homework.

Descriptions can be found below the schedules. Registration for all programs is handled via Brightwheel. Please find the sign up link and instructions below.

Max will also continue to offer private music lessons
To sign up for private lessons please contact Max directly at
-individual lessons for Piano, Guitar/Ukulele, Drums
-group lessons for Brazilian Samba-raggae percussion, curated by Mestre Everton from Mambembé NY

Deutsche Sprachschule will also be offering afternoon German lessons for Grades K-4. Click here to register on their website.


Schedules 2nd Semester

GSM After School @ 74 Warren Street

GSM Preschool Hort @ 85 Warren Street



CHESS (English)
Chess is A fun way for your child to develop and strengthen these important life skills and abilities: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence. Chess has also been shown to improve grades and test scores! Students in our Chess After School Program will learn strategy, how to read and write their chess games and enjoy playing games with each other. There will also be various chess related activities including tournaments and mini games that will keep the class fun and interesting!”

GALLI THEATER (German, Spanish, English)
The Galli Theater uses the wisdom and multifaceted aspects of traditional fairytales and myths as the basis for our creative work. Our classes include contemporary theater games, music, movement, singing and of course FUN! Each week the children will build on skills, which will help them prepare to present a fairytale show at the end of the session. The students will learn stage presence, playing a character and incorporating music and movement to their work. During the process the children will learn to trust themselves and the power of their voice. Theater is a wonderful tool not only to work on their language skills, but also on their self esteem.

SOCCER (English)
The goal at SocRoc Soccer is to encourage kids to be physically active, gain confidence, and learn social skills while discovering how to play soccer—the world’s most popular sport—aka fútbol. Voted Manhattan’s Best Soccer Program For Kids four years in a row, SocRoc prides itself in being a family-run business founded by former All-American and professional soccer player, James Christie. SocRoc coaches are hand-chosen by Christie and everybody at SocRoc takes pride in delivering unparalleled, positive, dynamic soccer classes for kids. Classes are customized with age-appropriate drills, skill-building exercises, and scrimmages. Our main goal: Make soccer fun! 

Do you love music? Then Music Studio with Max is the place for you. Max is an experienced educator who will bring his full teaching repertoire to the studio space. The roadmap for this holistic approach is that we already possess all the basic tools to make music: our voices, bodies and – of course – rhythm! After setting class rituals that the kids will inspire, the group will be sent off to different adventures. Little excursions into music from around the world will inform the next studio adventure and inspire songs, dances, performances and even little films! The studio is equipped with percussion instruments, as well as an e-piano and other instruments that will visit us periodically. Max’ background in early childhood education and with a full year of remote music instruction under his belt (his teaching videos display his impeccable comedic timing) means he’s the person GSM students want to jam with!

This unique class is for those who want to build on a grand scale. Mega tall balloon towers and wooden frame skyscrapers up to the ceiling, bridges and pyramids are among the structures students are going to erect in this class. Besides the largest team projects in the afterschool world, young architects will work individually to build a treehouse, design a floor plan, engineer domino chain reactions, create 3D scale models of famous buildings out of clay and wooden planks, etc. The graduates of the class will learn exciting terms and concepts such as classical Vitruvian principles, light & shadow, positive & negative space, texture, composition, visual & spatial thinking, balance, scale and much more.


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Sign Up Instructions

We are using Brightwheel to manage our After School Program.
-If you already have a Brightwheel account for your child please sign in.
-If you don’t have a Brightwheel account you will be prompted to create one, please send reenter the above link.
-On the form please simply click yes for the classes you want to sign your child up for (you do not need to click “no” for the others)
-Once you have signed up to Brightwheel you can download the app to your phone and access any communication & updates about after school via the app. You can also add and update guardian and approved pick ups via the app.


After School & Hort runs from 9/12/22 to 6/23/23
1st Semester: 9/12/22-2/3/23
2nd Semester: 2/6/23-6/23/23
(After School & Hort do not take place on days that GSM is not in session. Please check the GSM calendar here.)


After School Hours: 3:45 pm – 5:15 pm
Preschool Hort Hours: 3:45 – 5:10 pm


After School: 74 Warren Street
Preschool Hort: 85 Warren Street


$600 per semester.


-Once you have submitted the form we will follow up with a payment link. You will be able to pay via Credit Card or ACH online or via the app.


Please email our After School Coordinator Ute Zimmermann.